New Bing attracts new Edge users – who then use Google Search

New Bing attracts new Edge users – who then use Google Search

People who rushed to download the Microsoft Edge browser to try out the New Bing Chat experience – ironically – ended up using Google Search on Edge, according to new data from enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge.

Why we care. We’re watching closely for any data indicating whether the New Bing is starting to chip away at Google’s massive lead in search. What we see here is more evidence that Microsoft is driving more traffic to sites – in a twist, they’re doing it via Edge instead of Bing.

What the data shows. Google fairly consistently sent more than 3 million visits to websites since the start of 2023. Starting around Feb. 19, however, there is a noticeable uptick in Google traffic coming from the Edge browser. That number grew to roughly 3.7 million visits by the week of March 12.

Data comparison of website visits from Google in Edge vs. Bing in Edge.

Meanwhile, traffic from Bing in Edge also showed some growth since the start of the year (from just over 5 million to about 5.5 million as of the week of March 12), but the data seems to show that as more traffic started coming from Google in Edge, less came from Bing in Edge.

For its analysis, BrightEdge examined more than 600,000 million visits to websites across all major industries, comparing U.S. traffic from Google and Bing, by browser (Chrome vs. Edge).

Google gains an Edge. More than 1 million people signed up within the first 48 hours to try out the new Bing in February, but ended up stuck on a waitlist, in some cases for weeks.

So all those people who downloaded Edge stuck with it. But when it came to searching, rather than using Bing, many started using Google Search on Edge.

One big question we will be better able to answer months from now is whether limiting the integration of GPT-4 into Bing Chat solely on the Edge browser was a missed opportunity. We just don’t have that data yet.

“It is still early to predict how Google and Bing will evolve and if there is a significant market dominance shift,” said Lemuel Park, BrightEdge co-founder and CTO. “However, Bing will undoubtedly increase in popularity as more and more people experiment with its new capabilities.”

More data. The new Bing making (small) gains on Google Search has some additional data, including page visits on Bing rising 15.8% and Bing becoming a more significant referral source for some publishers.

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