Why you should invest in branded keywords even if your company ranks #1 on Google

Search marketing is generally seen as a core tactic within digital marketing programs. Capturing the intent of users actively searching your products or solutions is a no-brainer, right? What seems like a simple question, can often be complicated. Whether it’s due to budget-constrained environments or the brand having a stellar SEO team, I’ve fielded the […]

Top 5 secrets your search bar is hiding

Your search bar is your secret weapon. How can you help improve the site search experience when someone has landed on your site? What can you do to ensure that you’re meeting their needs while on your site? Once you segment the types of visitors on your site – informational, search intentional, navigational and transactional […]

What’s the biggest hidden secret in Google Ads?

Marketers are increasingly turning to automation to unlock new growth opportunities. Automated ads are quick, easy and simple to use. However, in a world of smart and automated strategies, optimizing advertising campaigns that outperform the competition can be challenging. Can marketers influence a smart or automated strategy? The answer may surprise you. A “secret” or […]

Google rich results guidelines now prohibits weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco & vaping products and gambling-related products

Google has updated its rich results content guidelines to align better with the overall Google merchant guidelines thus disallowing rich results for products that are widely prohibited or regulated, or that can facilitate serious harm to self or others. These include, but are not limited to, weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco & vaping products and gambling-related […]

How to migrate to Google Analytics 4: A step-by-step guide

You’ve likely heard by now that Google is updating Google Analytics from Universal Analytics (also known as GA3 or UA) to a new, upgraded version, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  The migration for many of us from GA2 (Classic Analytics) to GA3 (Universal Analytics) was relatively painless 10 years ago. This migration isn’t quite as simple.  […]

Google documents how to inject canonical tags using JavaScript

Google has updated its JavaScript SEO help document to add technical details on how to inject canonical link tags using JavaScript. Google added a new section titled “properly inject rel=”canonical” link tag.” What is new. Here is the new section where Google recommends not to implement your canonical tags using JavaScript, but if you must, […]



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