Microsoft Logo Extension rolls out globally in open beta

Microsoft Logo Extension rolls out globally in open beta

Microsoft’s Logo Extension pilot is now in open beta globally, the company has confirmed.

Advertisers eligible to participate can choose to associate at the account, campaign or ad group level – but only one logo set up is allowed per association.

Logo extensions are being served on Bing across computer, tablet and mobile devices, and can appear alongside other extensions.

Why we care. Displaying a logo next to an ad can help a brand stand out from its competition, establish its identity and build customer trust. Increasing brand recognition is also associated with generating more clicks and conversions for websites.

Getting set up. To create a logo extension, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the collapsible menu on the left side of your screen, navigate to All Campaigns > Ads & Extensions > Extensions.
  2. From here, select which level you would like associate your extension. You can choose between Account, Campaign or Ad Group.
  3. Go to the extensions dropdown and then select ‘Logo Extensions’.
  4. Select ‘Create’ and then go to ‘Create New Logo Extension’.
  5. Upload your Business logo.
  6. Add your Business name.
  7. Enter the Domain name for your business website (your domain shouldn’t include any subdirectories).
  8. Press ‘Save’.
  9. Your new extension should then appear in the ‘Selected Lead Form Extensions List’. On the main extension page, select ‘Save’ to finish adding the extension to your account, campaign or ad group.

Logo requirements. In order to upload a logo, the image must meet the following criteria:

  • Aspect ratio: 1:1
  • Accepted file types: PNG and JPG
  • Maximum file size: 5120 KB
  • Minimum resolution: 128 x 128 pixels (recommended 1200 x 1200 pixels)

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What has Microsoft said? Daniel Godoy, Global Programmatic Evangelist at Microsoft Advertising, told Search Engine Land:

  • “We’re rolling this out to all markets on all devices all at once. This is a global roll out – we’re not doing this market by market.”
  • “If the logo extension is set up, the logo extension is going to be the priority. It will always be the first choice of source. If you don’t have the logo extension set up, then an automated business logo (favicon) will be used.”
  • “If the advertiser is opt out and a logo extension is not set up then the default version will be used for ad texts.”
  • “We’ve been asked if this submission competes with other features – it doesn’t. There is a dedicated space for the logo, so it is not competing with any other feature. It has its own space.”

Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s Logo Extensions guide for more information.

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