Link-building companies to watch in 2023 by Admix Global

Link-building companies to watch in 2023 by Admix Global

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business looking to succeed, and link building plays a crucial role in achieving that goal. Quality links from the sites of real businesses that are growing are a long-term investment.

In this article, you will discover a compilation of link-building companies so you can make an informed decision and get a superior result.

Editorial.Link is all about scoring primo editorial links from websites that don’t sell them. These effective backlinks are obtained through established relationships with 2500+ businesses and originate from the blogs of diverse businesses, including top-notch SaaS firms:,,,,,,, etc. As a result, customers get long-term outcomes.

Price: Editorial.Link provides a range of packages to suit different budgets, starting from $1,750/ 5 top-notch backlinks. For those who need more firepower, the prices go up to $17,500/ 50 backlinks. Also, there are custom offers.

Fields: IT, tech, SaaS, crypto, real estate, finance, marketing and more. 


  • All links are indexable and free from “sponsored” or “nofollow” tags.
  • They can get links from pages that are relevant, receive significant search traffic, and rank for numerous keywords.
  • The team also provides white-label link-building services. This enables solopreneurs to promptly provide top-tier links to clients and allows agencies to broaden the range of services they offer to customers.
  • They only charge for link placements that meet agreed-upon expectations, offer domains and pages for approval (clients have the flexibility to select the pages that are most suitable for the project they are promoting), and do not require prepayment.

Considering all the merits of Editorial Link, this service is a cost-effective solution for both clients and agencies.

2.   PageOnePower

PageOnePower is all about manual, white-hat link-building strategies, and they’re total pros at scoring high-quality backlinks from legit sources.

Price: PageOnePower operates on a monthly budget, with a minimum of $4,000.00 per month. The typical price per link is about $700 but depends on various factors.

Fields: Technology, ecommerce, healthcare, finance and more.


  • They prioritize building relationships with website owners and editors to ensure link placements are from credible sources.
  • Each custom campaign comes with a dedicated Project Manager. Their reportage is done through a series of Zoom meetings, Google spreadsheets, analytics reports and presentations.

Given all PageOnePower’s merits, it’s no wonder why they’re the go-to choice for businesses looking to enhance their online authority.

3.   Sure Oak

Sure Oak is a top-tier link-building agency that specializes in manual link acquisition.

Price: Sure Oak provides customized link-building packages to suit different budgets, starting at $300+ per link on average. They typically engage in monthly retainers where clients pay upfront for a guaranteed link volume that meets the stated metrics.

Fields: SaaS/Software, finance/fintech, ecommerce, health and wellness and many more.


  • Sure Oak strictly adheres to white-hat link-building practices. All links are indexable and free from “sponsored” or “nofollow” tags.
  • They provide custom Google Data Studio reports or shared Google sheets to track link placements, and they develop periodic formal strategy review reports that are shared with clients.

Based on personal interactions and feedback from other customers, Sure Oak can safely be considered one of the top performers in the industry.

4.   BlueTree

BlueTree specializes in digital PR for SaaS and technology companies. With a focus on editorial link building, BlueTree helps businesses scale their online presence in both short- and long-term ways.

Price: Basic package – $2,500 per month, Startup package – $4,500 per month, Enterprise package – $6,500 per month.

Fields: SaaS and technology companies.


  • BlueTree’s approach to digital PR is based on an editorial approach, creating long-form, topically-relevant content that includes seamless links to clients’ services and products.
  • Their team maintains strong relationships with more than 300 tech-focused websites.

With its dedication to ethical practices and extensive network of tech-focused websites, BlueTree has established itself as a premier agency in the field.

5.   uSERP

uSERP is a full-service link-building agency that specializes in building a client’s backlink profile through a white-hat outreach approach. They aim to outrank competitors through content gap analyses, URL analyses, and link reclamation for brand mentions.

Price: Startup – $10,000/month, Scaling – $15,000/month, Authority – $20,000/month.

Fields: Information technology and services.


  • Quick and smooth communication with customers and timely reporting;
  • They offer full transparency and do not resort to gray- and black-hat tactics.

uSERP is an excellent choice for businesses in the information technology and services industries looking to enhance their online presence.

6.   Сollaborator

Looking for quality backlinks to promote your website? Collaborator offers a variety of link promotion services to help you achieve your goals.

Price: Collaborator offers a range of pricing options depending on the type of link promotion service you choose. Insurance for deals is available for 10% of the transaction cost.

Fields: Collaborator offers link promotion services for a variety of fields and subjects.


  • Collaborator offers a variety of advantages, including a large catalog of quality sites, a range of pricing options, quick placement options and insurance for deals to protect articles from deletion and non-indexing.

Collaborator is a useful tool for anyone looking to promote their website through quality backlinks.

7.   FatJoe

FatJoe specializes in providing clients with natural in-content links that are curated using white-label methods. The agency also excels in content syndication by distributing pre-created content to media journals, news outlets and other high-quality sites.

Price: Pricing varies depending on the specific service being offered. Blogger outreach and niche edits – $75 to $403, HARO link building – $1,260 and $2,836, content syndication – $95.

Fields: Retail, manufacturing, technology and advertising.


  • With a focus on white-label methods and genuine outreach, FatJoe ensures that clients receive links that are of the highest quality and credibility.
  • The agency’s online dashboard allows clients to view every link FatJoe secures while also providing the option to create personalized DR and link goals.

For businesses looking to enhance their online presence and authority, FatJoe is a trusted partner.


PRNEWS.IO is a platform that provides guaranteed placement of sponsored content in online media worldwide. It helps companies increase awareness among potential partners, boost sales, and gain link juice.

Price: The pricing of PRNEWS.IO varies depending on the type of content and distribution channels chosen. The PRO version runs on a subscription basis: $100/month or $1000/year.

Fields: PRNEWS.IO deals with businesses in a variety of fields (including politics and crypto if choosing a PRO version).


  • Using PRNEWS.IO makes content creation, optimization, and promotion faster by automating repeatable tasks and using intelligent algorithms.
  • There’s a convenient directory for choosing the sites for publication.

PRNEWS.IO is a compelling option for businesses of any size and type, even in “delicate” fields.

9.   Authority Builders

Authority Builders’ team of SEO experts uses proven strategies to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in various industries.

Price: The price is calculated individually and depends on the DR of selected websites for link placement. A link placed on a site with a DR of 70+ will cost customers at least $297.

Fields: Finance, health, real estate, technology and more.


  • They prioritize acquiring high-quality links from authoritative websites rather than mass-producing low-quality links.
  • Personalized approach to link building.

Authority Builders is a reliable and effective link-building agency that can help businesses drive organic traffic to their websites.

10. is a reliable link-building agency that provides effective solutions for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Price: The most popular package is Growth – $9999 / 27 Links.

Fields: Ecommerce, finance, health, technology and more.


  • provides regular reports to clients detailing their link-building campaign’s progress.
  • They also use ethical link-building techniques that comply with Google’s guidelines to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their campaigns.’s affordable packages and commitment to quality make them a good choice for businesses of all sizes.


Any company mentioned in this article is highly likely to provide you with a strong performance of link-building campaigns. However, it’s critical to reach out to their representatives directly to ensure they can meet your specific needs and expectations.

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