How to use ChatGPT to boost your PPC efforts

How to use ChatGPT to boost your PPC efforts

We have used machine learning and AI in our day-to-day optimization work to save time and improve performance. (Think automated bidding and recommendations, plus data-driven attribution.)

But how can PPC practitioners use generative AI tools like ChatGPT to boost their campaign management and optimization efforts? 

ChatGPT can quickly analyze and deliver huge data ranges in many formats. Here are a few ways I use it daily. 

1. Product research

One particular challenge for PPC practitioners is the struggle of not being a subject matter expert on every product, service, industry, or brand they work on. 

Even in-house managers may have to rely on product managers and others to inform them of certain product specifications, applications, and technical terminology. 

One solution is to spend hours researching and reading about each specific area you are marketing. Another is to use generative AI as a starting point for your research to save valuable time. 

Here is a good example of expediting your initial research as you attempt to learn more about a product you are marketing (in this case, bulk industrial citric acid). 

ChatGPT - Product research

This research method requires critical thinking. 

It’s a good starting point to understand topics in which you do not have a strong background but need working knowledge to develop a PPC strategy.

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2. Ad copywriting

With 15 headlines and four descriptions in every responsive search ad, we can simultaneously develop and test many ad copy variations. 

Manually drafting ad copy can be time-consuming, though. Additionally, it can be challenging if you are still learning about that particular product. 

In this example, if you give the tool some specific guidelines around character count, it will generate options for you to carefully review and adjust as needed while saving you time upfront. 

ChatGPT - Ad copywriting

Additionally, you can get even more specific and ask it to incorporate some of the competitive advantages you want to highlight. 

ChatGPT - Ad copywriting highlights

ChatGPT will rarely deliver perfect ad copy. 

But again, this is a significant time saver and will likely generate many more variations and incorporate more keywords than you might have done manually. 

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3. Keyword research

Researching new keyword variations is another way to utilize AI to help you think outside the box and save time.

There are many keyword research tools out there, both paid and free, but ChatGPT can bring a new angle to keyword research.

It can be as simple as asking for initial ideas as you build a new ad group.

ChatGPT - Keyword research

Try different prompts and get specific about what you are looking to get out of your research. 

The goal is to use the tool to help you think of new angles. 

In the example above, maybe I hadn’t gone through some of the qualifying keywords it suggests, like “one-day” or “black-tie”. 

Broad match keywords might help you capture a wider range of these fringe keywords, but this research might be helpful in other areas like ad copywriting or landing page copy.

4. Audience and persona research

Audiences have become more important than ever as we attempt to send the right signals to campaigns, especially Performance Max campaigns. 

Beyond applying audiences directly to campaigns, understanding the target audience as you create landing page experiences and draft coordinated ad copy is not to be overlooked. 

Using AI, you can conduct quick and dirty persona research and better understand some primary audiences you should consider. 

ChatGPT - Audience and persona research

This prompt might help you in many different ways, such as:

  • Identifying specific demographics you want to target or bid differently. 
  • Considering a new angle to take when creating different landing page copy for A/B testing. 
  • Finding new keywords and ad copy that might help you create new ad groups altogether. 

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Adding ChatGPT to your PPC toolkit

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can save us from the mundane and inefficient tasks that take up significant resources to get right. 

In the same way automated bidding improves bidding effectiveness and saves time, tools like ChatGPT and other AI functionality will still improve how we market and create paid strategy. 

As PPC practitioners, the key is to learn how to use it to deliver the most effective advertising strategy we can. 

Effective marketing strategy, in general, still requires human thinking and problem-solving. 

Computers will make mistakes. But if we use their power and speed, we can dedicate more time to the important stuff and less to the rest. 

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