Why is Digital Marketing so Important for Business Growth?

Why is Digital Marketing so Important for Business Growth?

by Robert Clough

It Expands Your Influence

The most important part of growing your business is expanding your influence. You can’t get more customers if you’re just reaching the same old audience. Digital marketing gives you the unique chance to get your message seen by more people. Your content can get shared on social media, opening you up to a whole world of potential customers. With more and more people canceling their cable and satellite TV contracts, your television ads may not be reaching as many people as you think. The growing popularity of remote jobs means people may be driving less, which could limit the chance they see billboards or hear your ad on the radio.

But while these methods of traditional marketing are declining, the chance that your audience uses the internet for pleasure is growing.

It Targets Your Niche Market

A problem with traditional marketing is that it can be hard to target your specific audience. Sure, you can choose a time and TV station to air your commercial on, but you’re still spending all this money to advertise to people who aren’t your target audience.

One of the best benefits of using digital marketing is that you can be very specific to your audience. Have you ever been searching for new dog beds on the internet, then noticed dog bed ads pop up on Facebook and other websites? That’s because you fit the specific niche market for a dog bed company.

You can choose the audience you want to advertise to based on things like their age and interests. This way, all your money is being used towards advertising to the right audience. Once you connect with your niche market, you can use marketing tactics specially designed for them to better advertise your product.

It Helps You Connect with Your Customers

But it’s not just enough to get new customers – you’ll also want to keep them happy and convince them to come back for more.

A huge role of digital marketing is social media. It allows you to comment and message your customers directly, forming a stronger bond with them. This is necessary to build up brand loyalty to help your business grow.

It can also help bring new customers in as well. Many customers expect that businesses will have a strong social media presence. If they have a question about your product, they may message you via social media. Quick, positive responses may give them the extra push they need to purchase the product through you instead of a competitor.

It’s Affordable

It’s no secret that marketing can get expensive. But you have to make money to earn money, right? While the different types of digital marketing and traditional marketing vary in price, digital marketing is typically more affordable than its traditional counterparts. This means that your money will last longer online, and you can do more digital marketing within your budget.

It Allows Mobile Marketing

While the number of people paying for cable and satellite may be on the decline, the amount of time people spend on their phones is on the rise. People spend an average of 5 hours a day on their phones, and they spend more time on mobile apps than they do watching TV.

The best part about online marketing is that it transfers to mobile phones too. With people spending so much time on their phones, the chance that your ad will be seen increases.

It Gives You the Chance to Publish Important Content

Blog posts are sometimes overlooked when people think about how to do digital marketing.

But blog posts can be one of your greatest assets. While people may walk away from the TV during commercials or close popups as soon as they can, blogs bring the people to you.

When someone views your post it’s because they were searching for information that you are able to provide. By including some convenient links, you can send potential clients to your website where they have access to more information.

It’s Easier to Analyze Data

Everyone knows that marketing is important, but why spend money on something that just doesn’t work? It can be hard to know which of your traditional marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. One of the benefits of using digital marketing is that it’s easier to track and analyze.

There are some great marketing analytics tools that can help you uncover which strategies are helping grow your business and which are ineffective. If you’re not sure you could use analytics, a digital marketing agency could handle your online marketing and marketing analytics tools for you.

Using Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

Growing your business can be a challenging task, but there are many types of digital marketing that can help. Not only is digital marketing affordable, but it can help you expand your influence, target your niche market, connect with your customers, advertise on mobile devices, provide important information, and analyze data.

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