Roku streaming collaboration and 5 other Microsoft Ads updates for May

Roku streaming collaboration and 5 other Microsoft Ads updates for May

Microsoft has just announced six new updates, focusing on tools and features that aim to assist advertisers in refining their campaigns and improving performance. Let’s dive in.

Roku. The collaboration between Roku TV streaming ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and Bing’s paid and organic search is now underway. Advertisers interested in using the new cross-channel marketing approach, download the whitepaper for more info.

Simplifying video management for ad campaigns with the Asset Library. Considering using video ads? Now the Microsoft Ads Asset Library accommodates video assets, streamlining video uploading and management for campaigns. You can directly upload videos into the Asset Library from local files or URL links and apply filters such as asset type and video duration. It’s time to invigorate ad campaigns with captivating, dynamic video content.

Simple conversion setup for Smart Campaigns accounts using Multi-platform. In the upcoming weeks, Microsoft Advertising Smart Campaigns accounts utilizing Multi-platform will have access to code-free conversion goal setup. Rather than manually adding code snippets to websites, you can simply choose the relevant buttons and enable conversion tracking within minutes.

To activate this feature, tick the Enable Microsoft Clarity box during the goal setup process. This also grants access to free Microsoft Clarity insights, enabling users to comprehend post-click user behavior and engagement on landing pages through session recordings, instant heatmaps, and an analysis dashboard.

Change history for campaign-level conversions. Over the next few weeks, the change history report will be updated to include campaign-level conversions, raising awareness of any alterations and assisting users in troubleshooting. The addition and removal of campaign-level goals from campaigns will be visible.

English language support expanded for Shopping Campaigns in 52 new markets. The option to add the English language when creating a product feed within a Merchant Center has been extended to 52 new markets. Customers running Shopping Campaigns in these regions can now generate further shopper interest in their products.

Postponement of Enhanced CPC migration on the Microsoft Audience Network. The previously announced migration of all Audience Ads using Manual cost per click (CPC) to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) has been delayed, with a new migration date to be revealed later. Advertisers employing eCPC on the Microsoft Audience Network have experienced an 18% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 7.5% reduction in CPC. Trying eCPC is recommended to improve performance on the Microsoft Audience Network.

Dig deeper. Review the announcements on the Microsoft Advertising Blog.

Why we care. The Microsoft and Roku collaboration, streamlined video management in the Asset Library, and code-free conversion goals in Smart Campaigns simplify the advertising process, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Additionally, the expanded language support for Shopping Campaigns allows for increased shopper interest in new markets, while the success of Microsoft Store Ads showcases the potential for heightened brand awareness, preference, and engagement. By leveraging these advancements, advertisers can optimize their marketing strategies and elevate their overall campaign performance.

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