Pinterest and Amazon team up for multi-year ads partnership

Pinterest and Amazon team up for multi-year ads partnership

Pinterest just announced a significant advertising partnership with Amazon.

How it works. When Pinterest users encounter an Amazon ad, they will be directed to Amazon’s website to complete their purchase.

Timeline. The integration of Amazon ads will be rolled out over several quarters, with no specific details on ad placement or short-term revenue forecasts. Pinterest does not expect any significant impact on its revenue until next year.

The multi-year collaboration will make Amazon the first-ever third-party advertising partner on Pinterest, according to a blog post released with the company’s first-quarter earnings report.

Moving away from creator tools and into shopping. Some of the creator-focused initiatives introduced recently were scaled back prior to Pinterest’s disappointing revenue performance in the previous quarter.

The partnership with Amazon could offer a more seamless shopping experience for users, as most Amazon customers already have their payment information on file, leading to faster checkouts.

What Pinterest says. In a blog post, Pinterest said:

“This milestone partnership will add to the great brands already on the platform and provide more comprehensiveness, shoppability, and a best-in-class buying experience for users, along with greater performance for brands and advertisers,” said Bill Ready, CEO of Pinterest. “This aligns with our goal of making every Pin shoppable, so that we can enable as many users as possible to bring their dreams to life.”

Dig deeper. Read more about the partnership on the Pinterest blog.

Why we care. This new opportunity presents a unique way to reach a highly engaged audience with strong commercial intent. The collaboration could provide a seamless shopping experience, connecting users from inspiration to action more effectively.

By leveraging Amazon’s robust advertising capabilities and Pinterest’s large user base, advertisers can potentially achieve higher conversion rates and increased return on ad spend, positioning their brands for success in a dynamic digital landscape.

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