Microsoft’s integration with Roku reveals increased engagement across CTV and search

Microsoft’s integration with Roku reveals increased engagement across CTV and search

Merging Microsoft and Roku campaigns proves to be more effective in encouraging lower-funnel search activities when executed concurrently. According to a new report from Microsoft:

  • Television streaming triggers a surge in search behavior, with Roku TV streaming advertisements resulting in a 9% growth in brand searches per user and an 11% uptick in clicks per user.
  • Multi-channel exposure enhances engagement, as evidenced by an almost 18% overall increase in click-through rates on the Microsoft Audience Network when users are exposed to Roku ads.
  • When users are exposed to both the Microsoft Audience Network and TV streaming, there is an 11% rise in searches and a 10% increase in clicks.

The whitepaper. The study, published on Thursday, seeks to assist marketers in comprehending how TV streaming, native, and search ads collaborate to boost full-funnel effectiveness. Achieving full-funnel measurement is more challenging in the context of a disjointed media-buying landscape.

While TV streaming ads are commonly believed to generate awareness, they can also lead to purchases. Search ads are known for fostering engagement and promoting lower-funnel activities, but they can also raise awareness.

The alliance between Microsoft and Roku enables both to access a vast audience. Microsoft’s platforms can reach over 1 billion users, while Roku boasts over 200 million active streamers.

How it works. Advertisers execute TV streaming ads on Roku, as well as native ads and search ads on Microsoft. Anonymized and encrypted Roku ad exposure data is transferred from LiveRamp to Microsoft.

Microsoft examined the ad activity correlated with Roku exposures before and after the Roku ads are delivered. Subsequently, advertisers obtain a report containing cross-channel performance metrics and audience insights. This information empowers advertisers to optimize their strategies across multiple channels.

Download the whitepaper. You can download and review the whitepaper from Microsoft here.

Why we care. Cross-channel advertising with Microsoft and Roku allows advertisers to target audiences more accurately, understanding their preferences and behavior across various platforms. This enables advertisers to deliver more relevant and personalized ads, increasing engagement and conversions.

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