Google Search trends all about Dad

Google Search trends all about Dad

Everything “dad” is suddenly cool: dad shoes, dad hats, and even the beloved dad joke. As a tribute to dear old dad ahead of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting “dad” Google Search trends over the past year.

Dad-spo fashion trends

Who says dads don’t have style? Dad-chic is having a moment in a big way, according to these searches, which have gone up over the past year. Just don’t make us wear socks with our sandals 🧦🧦.

Dad shoes(U.S. data, past 12 months)

  • “Gucci dad shoes,” up 5000 percent

  • “Umbro dad shoes,” up 5000 percent

  • “Balenciaga dad shoes,” up 2800 percent

  • “Dad shoes trend,” up 850 percent

  • “Fila dad shoes,” up 550 percent

Dad hats(U.S. data, past 12 months)

  • “Rick and Morty dad hat,” up 5000 percent

  • “Black Panther dad hat,” up 5000 percent

  • “Off white dad hat,” up 500 percent

  • “Champion dad hat,” up 300 percent

  • “Make your own dad hat,” up 100 percent

Celeb dads on Search, ranked

2018 has been a big year for celebrity babies—and celebrity dads. We took a look at a handful of high-profile dads who welcomed new babies this year, and here are the rankings (by worldwide search interest in 2018):

  1. Kanye West
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  3. Prince William
  4. Tristan Thompson
  5. John Legend
  6. Adam Levine
  7. Hugh Grant
  8. Seth Meyers
  9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  10. John Stamos

Dad jokes, according to GIFs

Google Image searches for “dad jokes” have spiked 130 percent in the past 12 months. Below are some of the top “dad joke” related GIFs shared on our GIF search engine, Tenor:

While dad-cool may not always be a trend, appreciating our pops will never go out of style. Whomever you celebrate on June 18th, whether it’s dad, grandpa, coach, or another fatherly figure, we wish you the happiest of Father’s Days.

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