Google Search News: coming soon to a screen near you

Google Search News: coming soon to a screen near you

The world of search is constantly evolving. New tools, opportunities, and features are regularly arriving, sometimes existing things change, and sometimes we say goodbye to some things to make way for the new. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve started a new YouTube series called Google Search News.

With Google Search News, we want to give you a regular & short summary of what’s been happening around Google Search, specifically for SEOs, publishers, developers, and webmasters. The first episode is out now, so check it out. 

(The first episode, now on your screen)

In this first episode, we cover:

  • Recent updates to Search Console
  • Changes in the webmaster office-hours setup
  • Advances for rel=nofollow & related attributes
  • Changes in review rich results
  • New meta-tags & attributes for your pages’ search previews
  • Some recent Webmaster Conferences

We plan to make these updates regularly, and adjust the format over time as needed. Let us know what you think in the video comments!

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