Google releasing new data around ads it serves the EU and Turkey

Google releasing new data around ads it serves the EU and Turkey

Google has confirmed it’s going to provide more information about the ads it serves the EU and Turkey. In the next few months, the search engine will share insights like targeting information and ad subject matters within its Ads Transparency Center for the first time.

Why we care: Transparency is a good thing for Google users and advertisers, as it can help increase trust in Google, as well as the advertisers behind the ads shown in the EU and Turkey.

What’s new? Google is planning to release more data about the digital marketers they work with and the ads they serve in order to boost consumer confidence in Google’s products. This will include:

  • Advertisement Topic 
  • Targeting information 
  • Total number of recipients for each ad 
  • Subject matter of the ad
  • Ad serving time period available

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What has Google said: “Building on our efforts to be transparent about the ads we serve and the advertisers behind them, we will be disclosing additional information in the Ads Transparency Center for ads serving in the EU and Turkey as part of our effort to comply with local regulations,” a Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land.

“Trust in advertisers on our platforms helps us deliver a smart and useful web experience for everyone. This means providing greater transparency about who our advertisers are, where they are located and which creatives they have served through Google.”

Deeper dive: For more information about Google advertisers as well as the ads they have ran on Google, check out the Ads Transparency Center, which was launched earlier this year.

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