Google I/O 2019 – What sessions should SEOs and webmasters watch?

Google I/O 2019 – What sessions should SEOs and webmasters watch?

Google I/O 2019 is starting tomorrow and will run for 3 days, until Thursday. Google I/O is our yearly developers festival, where product announcements are made, new APIs and frameworks are introduced, and Product Managers present the latest from Google to an audience of 7,000+ developers who fly to California.

However, you don’t have to physically attend the event to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity: many conferences and talks are live streamed on YouTube for anyone to watch. Browse the full schedule of events, including a list of talks that we think will be interesting for webmasters to watch (all talks are in English). All the links shared below will bring you to pages with more details about each talk, and links to watch the sessions will display on the day of each event. All times are Pacific Central time (California time).

  • Tuesday, May 7th

    4pm – Building Successful Websites: Case Studies for Mature and Emerging Markets, with Aancha Bahadur, Charlie Croom, Matt Doyle, Rudra Kasturi, and Jesar Shah

  • Wednesday, May 8th

    10.30am – Enhance Your Search and Assistant Presence with Structured Data, with Aylin Alroik and Will Leszczuk

    11.30am – Create App-like Experiences on Google Search and the Google Assistant, with Allen Harvey

    11.30am – Rapidly Building Better Web Experiences with AMP, with Adam Greenberg and Naina Raisinghani

    6.30pm – Unlocking New Capabilities for the Web, with Pete LePage and Thomas Steiner

  • Thursday, May 9th

    10.30am – Google Search: State of the Union, with John Mueller and Martin Splitt

    1.30pm – Google Search and JavaScript Sites, with Zoe Clifford and Martin Splitt

This list is only a small part of the agenda that we think is useful to webmasters and SEOs. There are many more sessions that you could find interesting! To learn about those other talks, check out the full list of “web” sessions, design sessions, Cloud sessions, machine learning sessions, and more. Use the filtering function to toggle the sessions on and off.
We hope you can make the time to watch the talks online, and participate in the excitement of I/O ! The videos will also be available on Youtube after the event, in case you can’t tune in live.
Posted by Vincent Courson, Search Outreach Specialist

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