Google Ads trials enhanced customer service for small businesses

Google Ads trials enhanced customer service for small businesses

Google Ads has launched a paid pilot offering enhanced customer service for small businesses.

A select number of agencies and advertisers have been invited to trial the new program which offers one-on-one support tailored to specific customer needs.

Why we care. Small business owners using the program can get specialised advice faster by using this premium service which has historically only been accessible to Google Ads’ biggest clients.

What’s next? Google will be collecting feedback from participants in the trial and will make adjustments accordingly. In time, the search engine hopes to roll the service out to more small and medium-sized businesses. A spokesperson said:

  • “These changes are part of a long-term strategy that we’ll be building on overtime, testing, and learning as we go.”

Why now? Google launched the pilot in response to a “common complaint” from small businesses that they more specialized advice from the search engine’s experts, along with ideas for how they can improve their ads campaigns and optimize their budgets – a level of service not provided by Google’s automated self-service system.

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What has Google said? A spokesperson from Google told Search Engine Land:

  • “The paid pilot is intentionally small in scope so we can take feedback and iterate based on what works best for our customers.”
  • “As part of this evolution, we’ve made significant upgrades to the Help Center to help customers resolve issues on their own, more easily. This includes multimedia additions, such as videos and GIFs, across articles related to how to edit your campaign settings, edit your bids, and resolve data inconsistencies in Google Ads accounts. We will continue to invest in this area.”
  • “Agencies working with customers included in this pilot will also be able to schedule specialized paid support consultations tailored to their clients’ specific needs.”

Deep dive. Visit the Google Ads Help Center for more information.

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