Google Ads API v.14 is here, with 5 big updates

Google Ads API v.14 is here, with 5 big updates

Google Ads API version 14 has been rolled out with several major updates, including new features to support the move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Why we care. Version 14 of Google Ads API offers an improved user experience by enhancing both campaign management and performance.

What’s new? Here are just a few highlights of the 2023 update.

  • Account-level negative keywords: This new feature will enable advertisers to retrieve, create and update account-level negative keywords. This means that users will be able to exclude specific keywords from targeting not just a single ad group or campaign, but a whole account.
  • New recommendation types: This includes DynamicImageExtensionOptInRecommendation for advertisers whose accounts will benefit from enabling dynamic image extensions. It also includes LowerTargetRoasRecommendation and RaiseTargetCpaRecommendation, which will help users to tweak their return on ad spend.
  • New conversion action types: These new features will help advertisers to identify conversions imported from Google Analytics and determine if a conversion is from a GA4 or Universal Analytics property. This is particularly important as GA4 is replacing Universal Analytics on July 1, and so these changes need to be reflected in Google Ads API v14.
  • Offline conversion clients summaries: This is a brand new field in customer resources that offers information about the offline conversion process, such as how many conversions were uploaded successfully and how many failed when the offload jump was executed.
  • Keyword planning space: Google Ads API V14 features a new method called GenerateForecastKeywordMetrics, to support keyword forecast metrics without needing to create a keyword plan first.

What Google said. Mattia Tommasone, Senior Developer Relations Engineer on the Google Ads API team, told Search Engine Land:

  • “As you can see, there are many updates, changes, improvements and new ways to retrieve information from Google Ads API, version 14. The ones we have mentioned are just a few highlights. And we can’t wait to see you try out all of the new features in this version.”


  • June 2023 – Google Ads API version 14 is released
  • April 2023 – Google Ads API version 13.1 is released
  • October 2022 – Google Ads API version 12 is released
  • August 2022 – Google Ads API version 11.1 is released
  • June 2022 – Google Ads API version 11 is released
  • April 2022 – Google Ads API version 10.1 is released
  • February 2022 – Google Ads API version 10 is released

Further reading: For the complete list of changes made to Google Ads API in version 14, read the full release notes.

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