GA4 custom funnel reports are here

GA4 custom funnel reports are here

Custom funnel reports can now be created inside Google Analytics 4 (GA4), allowing you to view the steps you can follow to complete a task and assess the number of users who abandon the process between each step.

How custom funnels work. Custom funnel reports are created using funnel explorations. To build a custom funnel report, you must first create a funnel exploration and save it as a report. Google Analytics then utilizes the exploration as a template for constructing the report. The report is saved in the report library, which contains all the reports within a specific property. From the library, you can easily add the funnel report to their left navigation for quick access.

Prerequisites. To create a funnel report and add it to the navigation, you must have Editor or Administrator privileges.

Creating and adding funnel reports. Creating a funnel report involves opening or creating a funnel exploration, saving the exploration as a report, and providing a name and description for the new report. You can then add the report to your navigation by accessing the report library, editing the desired collection, and dragging the funnel report into the appropriate topic.

Recreating funnel explorations from reports. If the original exploration used for creating a funnel report is deleted, you can recover the exploration by opening the funnel report in the Explore section.

Analyzing the funnel. The analysis includes examining abandonment rates, completion rates, funnel steps, and open and closed funnels. You can also use the table below the bar chart to further analyze data and segment it by dimensions.

Customizing the chart and date range. You can zoom in and out of the bar chart for a more detailed view and adjust the default 28-day date range using the drop-down menu in the top right of the report.

Limitations and restrictions. There are specific limits and restrictions when creating custom funnel reports, such as the maximum number of custom reports per property (200) and certain unsupported conditions for funnel explorations. Additionally, once a funnel exploration is saved as a report, any changes made to the exploration do not affect the report, and vice versa.

Dig deeper. Learn more about custom funnels on the Analytics Help blog.

Why we care. Understanding the paths customers take while interacting with a brand or product allows you to make data-driven decisions for optimizing advertising campaigns. By analyzing user behavior, identifying drop-off points, and pinpointing areas for improvement, advertisers can enhance user experience, increase conversion rates, and ultimately maximize their return on investment.

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