4 new Instagram Reels features

4 new Instagram Reels features

Instagram has just introduced 4 new features for Reels, including:

  • A dedicated destination to discover inspiration through trending audio and hashtags on Instagram Reels.
  • Easier Reels editing
  • Two new metrics to Reels insights: total and average watch times.
  • Expanded availability of gifts on Reels to additional countries and incorporated a feature that allows creators to acknowledge fans’ gifts.

Find out what’s trending. Creators continually seek new content ideas, and to facilitate this, a dedicated space is being introduced to provide inspiration from the latest trends. This will enable users to view the most popular songs on Reels, check the number of times the audio has been used, and either use or save the audio for themselves.

Users will also have the ability to explore the top trending topics and hashtags on Reels, which can inform their content creation. For instance, the festival season might gain traction earlier than anticipated.

Editing Reels, easier. Instagram is streamlining the process of editing reels on Instagram by consolidating video clips, audio, stickers, and text into a single editing interface. This enhancement allows users to more visually align and time elements of their reels to the appropriate moments. As they continue to invest in developing methods to simplify and ease the editing process, users can look forward to additional exciting tools. This feature is accessible worldwide on both iOS and Android devices.

Updates to insights. Instagram is enhancing Reels insights to provide a better understanding of content performance. Two new metrics are being introduced: total watch time and average watch time – and they are simplifying the process of viewing insights directly on users’ reels.

Total watch time records the cumulative duration of time a reel was played, including any replays. Average watch time calculates the mean time spent playing a reel by dividing the watch time by the total number of plays. For instance, if the average watch time is 17 seconds, it means that on average, viewers watched 17 seconds of the Reel. This information will help users identify where their audience is engaged or where they might need to develop a stronger hook to retain viewers for a longer period. Additionally, they are introducing a new method to track how reels contribute to user growth. Users will now receive notifications regarding new followers gained from their reels.

Improving and expanding gifts. Instagram has made gifts available to more creators by expanding to additional markets in the coming weeks, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK.

Additionally, they’re introducing a feature that displays which fans have sent a gift, enabling creators to acknowledge their supporters. By tapping the heart icon next to their supporters, creators will send a notification to the fans, letting them know that their gift has been seen and appreciated.

Dig deeper. You can read about Instagram’s new features here.

Why we care. Instagram’s continuous improvement and expansion of features create a more interactive environment for creators and users. These enhancements also help advertisers better understand user behavior, identify trending content, and develop targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience.

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